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Haka pbl 2 2014
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Haka pbl 2 2014


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Hakka culture is unique, come and learn from it!

Hakka culture is unique, come and learn from it!

Published in: Education
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  • 1. My City And Me By Shakka Girls
  • 2. Hakka Community
  • 3. OUR MOTIVATIONS • To learn Hakka culture well • To show the world how charming Hakka culture is • To realize a unique culture • To invite other people to come and visit • To share our experiences traveling in Meinong
  • 4. INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT Culture Food Traditional Items
  • 5. ―Countries we’re working with Russia and Pakistan
  • 6. Video Conference with Russia
  • 7. My city and me from our friends at Beaconhouse (Pakistan)
  • 8. Jinnah Airport Jinnah Mausoleum
  • 9. Jahangir Kothari Parade Frere Hall
  • 10. Dolmen Mall Port Grand
  • 11. Our younger friends from Pakistan
  • 12. They are very cute 4th graders
  • 13. Our older friends from Pakistan
  • 14. A beautiful city in Russia Moscow
  • 15. We learned a lot from our video conference
  • 16. After the VC… We wish we could go there
  • 17. Hakka Tulou is usually a large, enclosed and fortified building. It can also house up to 80 families!!!
  • 18. The housing is well-lit, well-ventilated﹐ windproof and earthquake-proof.
  • 19. —The gift fromthe Flower Fairy Hakka Flowery Fabric
  • 20. Hakka Flowery Fabric • How does it look ? • What does it represent ?
  • 21. The origin
  • 22. Hakka Food
  • 23. Intestines with Shredded Ginger • It is a sour dish. • It can stimulate the appetite of women. • It is popular in the early stages of pregnancy.
  • 24. • It is known as Hakka tea. • It is a mixture of peanuts, sesame seeds, and tea. • It is mixed with hot water to a soup-like consistency and served in bowls. Hakka Traditional Tea: Lei Chai
  • 25. Oil-paper Umbrella
  • 26. The oil-paper umbrella originated in China. In the early Hakka society, it symbolized a blessing for the woman to “soon, give birth to a son”. It used to shelter people from rain and sunlight, as well as to drive the evil spirits away.
  • 27. In earlier times, everybody, from children to the elderly, wore this costume. In recent years, Blue Shirt has been worn at Hakka festivals, or Hakka music and dance performances.
  • 28. Our project Our difficulties • It was difficult to translate words into English. • It was difficult to find time for VC. • It was hard for us to get together and discuss. • It was hard for us to do interviews and to understand the history. Suggestions and Recommendations • Try to find all the information in English on the internet. • Try to find countries that are closer to do VC • Try to find common time for all of us to gather together. • Try to ask the history teacher for information first.
  • 29. Let’s watch!! My City And Me Meinong
  • 30. Thank you!